Panel Discussion: What Can be Taken from the Agricultural Bacteriophage Industry & Applied to Human Use?

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Day Two


Important strides in phage therapy have been overshadowed by the widespread use of antibiotics to treat diseases in humans and animals. With imprudent application of antimicrobials in agriculture, the industry can no longer dismiss the consequential emergence of antibiotic-resistant human pathogens, increased human mortality, and soaring healthcare costs. Hear out our panelists engage in this 45-minute discussion that will focus on: 

  • Evaluating selection of phage cocktail for effective control of feed disease and targeting of pathogens 
  • Tackling issues with gut microbiome health in animals to better understand the nature of commensal bacteria in humans 
  • Finalizing methods of production and administration with phage therapy in animals that lead to success for translatability in the pharmaceutical industry