Welcome to the 3rd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit!

Returning digitally in March, it’s the definitive forum to facilitate the discovery, translation and delivery of bacteriophage therapeutics that show true efficacy within the clinical setting.

Taking you through the product development lifecycle from discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, up-scaling manufacturing, regulation, attracting investment and ensuring that there is a market for phage therapy; you can not miss this opportunity to join the leaders in the field!

We have also introduced a new aspect to our program for this year, with the addition of our Pre-Conference Non-Human Application Day focusing on the development of phage and phage-derived products to address crop disease, anti-microbial resistance in livestock and food safety, we will now provide you with an holistic view of the entire phage landscape!

With a packed program spread across 3 days uniting drug developers, applied academic researchers, clinical researchers and governmental bodies – download the full event guide to learn more!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

Gain an understanding...
Learn how to create
Leverage lessons
understand approaches
delve into how to

Gain an understanding of the path required to reach regulatory approval of bacteriophage products in both the USA as well as the EU through presentations from the FDA and the Queen Astrid Military Hospital

Learn how to create solid formulation, aqueous based encapsulation and how to use advanced metrology tools to evaluate phage aggregation in liquid formulations from PhagePro, Virginia Tech and Loughborough University

Leverage lessons learnt from
those that have undertaken clinical trials during our Clinical Design Mastermind Session lead by iPATH, as well through a data driven case-study from Technophage


Understand approaches to characterize and discover new phages as the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research discuss the development of fixed phage cocktails, and Felix Biotechnology provide an insight into predicting phage-host interactions

Delve into how to attract funding to your research during our investment panel
discussion, and hear the thoughts of
prominent investors into the space including CARB-X, BARDA, NIH and more on why they are interested and what they look for with their investments


A unique opportunity to get a 360 view of phage as a novel therapy for altering the microbiome.

Assaf Oron, BiomX


I'm excited to meet others in the ecosystem of companies in phage therapy - the field can only thrive through cooperation.

Lorenzo Corsini, PhagoMed