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The Bacteriophage Therapy Summit is the only meeting uniting large pharma, biotech companies, research institutions and technology experts to harness bacteriophage science and accelerate the clinical development of effective phage therapy.

As phage therapy re-emerges, it is poised to become a mainstream option in a post-antibiotic era. However, challenges remain in navigating an untested regulatory pathway, demonstrating pharmacology of clinically useful phage candidates and delivering these products into the hands of physicians and patients in need.

Join the leaders in phage therapy product development as they discuss the latest data-driven case studies and forge collaborations you need to unlock the full potential of bacteriophage therapeutics.

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What Our Customers Say

"A unique opportunity to get a 360 view of phage as a novel therapy for altering the microbiome."

Assaf Oron, BiomX

"I’m excited to meet others in the ecosystem of companies in phage therapy – the field can only thrive through cooperation."

Lorenzo Corsini, PhagoMed

"The Bacteriophage Therapy Summit is an exciting conference that transformed me as a lay person into a highly stimulated researcher, for all the nature's promise for our current problems."

Wenda Gao, Antagen Institute for Biomedical Research

Highlights From Our 2019 Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2019 and made the meeting such a huge success.

We were honored to welcome 99 phage therapy experts from large pharma, biotech and the broader research community to discuss the greatest challenges and opportunities in developing breakthrough therapeutic approaches using bacteriophage. 

You can view our interactive infographic of event highlights here.

Additionally, register your interest to receive agenda and speaker updates for the 2020 program as they are announced.

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