Why Partner?

In recent years, phage therapy has experienced a rise in scientific interest, more widespread media coverage and an injection of investment. To drive the field further forward, phage therapy developers are continuously looking for the most innovative service providers involved in sequencing, manufacturing, cell media provision, clinical research organization and IP advice.

The 2nd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your technology, expertise and capacity to meet the increasing demands of this re-emerging field.

Email sponsor@hansonwade.com to learn more or download the partnership prospectus.

Benefit Capture

Benefit from Market Intelligence
The field of phage therapy opens opportunity
to target antibiotic-resistant bacteria in
multiple therapeutic contexts. Hear how biotech
companies are looking for services and solutions
to facilitate their R&D platforms and match your
solutions accordingly.

Gain Trust Capture

Gain the Trust of Drug Developers
With the re-emergence of biotech companies
focused on phage therapy, followed by interest
from large pharma and investors, this meeting
is a dedicated platform for you to get your
products in front of our dedicated audience
and position yourself as an essential partner for

Generate Capture

Generate New Business Leads
With a room full of pioneering drug developers
focusing on translating bacteriophage research
into effective therapeutics, secure valuable face
time with key decision-makers during speed
networking and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings.

Raise Capture

Raise Brand Awareness
Increase market share through pre-conference
and at-event advertizing to phage developers.
Differentiate your discovery, pre-clinical and
translational services from other solution
providers that cater to the phage community.

Exemplify Capture

Exemplify the Capabilities of Your Solution
Demonstrate your innovative products and services in our high-traffic networking area and exhibition room to give customers a hands-on insight into your capabilities that can help accelerate phage therapy product development.

Who Will You Meet?

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Previous Attendees Include

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