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Welcome to the 4th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit!

The definitive gathering of global phage experts across disciplines and industries is back. Focusing on human health and disease, advance your phage-based therapies through clinical development and commercialization beyond compassionate use.

Uniting 35+ expert speakers from the FDA, BiomX, Locus Bioscience, Felix Biotechnology, Phagomed, PhagePro, Cytophage, Sciphage and more, this industry-focused forum is bringing together content perfectly aligned with wherever you sit on prioritizing bacteriophage therapies. Join us this February to stay ahead within this large unmet medical need and better target the most significant need in modern medicine: the antimicrobial resistance crisis.

New For 2022

Join additional sessions on non-human application to evaluate and understand larger commercial opportunities and investigate the latest insights of genetically engineered phages to expand your horizons and pipeline by better targeting antimicrobial resistance in animals, agriculture and more.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend

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Understand planning of regulatory frameworks
for phage therapeutics and the manufacturing questions arising from stability and long-term safety with the FDA and BiomX to drive the approval of commercial bacteriophages

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Investigate factors affecting efficacy of clinical trials
by taking a deep dive into successful pairings of phages to bacteria with members of the ESGNTA and overcome challenges in infection specific patient treatments

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Accelerate formulation and manufacturing of phages for commercial use
by understanding quality-by-design and exploitation of dark matter approaches in phage genomes with Loughborough University and the University of Helsinki for better process optimization and development of new antibiotics

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Discover the importance of clinical trial design
by joining international surgeons and clinicians investigating targeting antimicrobial resistance for various infections through tailored clinical design and rationale

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Utilize genomic data using technology to predict host ranges
with BiomX, build universal phage platforms with Uniphage, and determine the phages a patient requires on a routine basis with Vesale Pharma, to select the best phage for specific scenarios

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What Our Previous Attendees Have to Say

"A unique opportunity to get a 360 view of phage as a novel therapy for altering the microbiome."

Assaf Oron, BiomX


"I'm excited to meet others in the ecosystem of companies in phage therapy - the field can only thrive through cooperation."

Lorenzo Corsini, PhagoMed


"The Summit brings a broad range of emerging phage sectors together to identify common challenges and goals with the potential to drive the entire phage industry forward"

Carrie Furr, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bacteriophage & Drug Development Consultants

Bacteriophage & Drug Development Consultants