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Welcome to the 5th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit: The Global Industry Forum!

With antimicrobial resistance being one of the largest global crises to face human health, phage-based therapy remains the safest and more exciting opportunity to curb its deadly impact. While phage therapies have shown promise in compassionate use, the clinic's advancement has been delayed by the limited effectiveness of double blind randomised controlled trials.

Along with in-depth clinical data presentations from industry leaders, participate in interactive panel discussions and roundtables on the key issues facing the industry, such as attracting public and private funding to effectively finance phage-based therapeutics and comparing the regulatory requirements for phage commercialization with the FDA along with additional talks on phage patentability and novel phage diagnostics.

Join phage developers, microbiologists, clinicians, and investors from across the globe at the 5th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit to get the insights you need to capitalize on the rapidly evolving antimicrobial landscape.

Our 2023 summit will unite 24+ expert speakers from the FDA, BiomX, SNIPR Biome, BioNTech, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, PhageLux, Micreos, Sciphage and more.

Join Your Peers To:

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Recognize how bacteriophages are commercialised, comprehend the design of regulatory frameworks for phage therapeutics and interact with the FDA and BiomX concerning manufacturing challenges arising from stability and long-term safety

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PhageLux and BioNTech will investigate factors impacting clinical trial effectiveness by delving deeper into the successful pairings of phages to bacteria and overcoming challenges in patient treatment.

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Accelerate formulation and manufacturing of phages for commercial use with Loughborough University by understanding quality-by-design and exploitation of encapsulation approaches in phage manufacturing for better process optimization.

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Explore the promise of phage lysins and CRISPR-based phage therapeutics using SNIPR Biome, SciPhage, and TechnoPhage as you delve deeper into the uses of phage therapy outside of human health

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Understand and overcome the challenges of public and private funding with Adaptive Therapeutics and Ferring Pharmaceuticals and address the importance of patentability in the field of phage therapy.

Who Will You Meet?

The 5th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit is bringing together leading experts from biotech, pharma and academia! This year, join industry leaders in a format that is accessible globally, without the time or expense of travel.

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