Welcome to the 4th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit 2022

Successfully Translate Your Bacteriophage Therapeutics Into the Clinic

The 3rd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit returns on March 23-25, 2021 a brand-new speaker line-up and never-before-seen content. We are excited to continue to unite the community to progress fundamental bacteriophage research into clinically-significant products.

Although the potential use of phage and phage-derived products in a clinical setting is beginning to be understood, there still remains a number of unique challenges associated with this novel therapeutic agent.

A developing regulatory landscape, up-scaling of manufacturing processes, and the design of clinical trials are just a few of the roadblocks holding back development.

This end-to-end, specialized virtual meeting will discuss the characterization, pre-clinical and clinical development, formulation and manufacturing, regulation and market delivery to address the clinical challenges of this niche area of phage research.

Connect With the Phage Community to Drive Powerful Collaborations

Bringing together leading drug developers, academics and clinical researchers, our agenda is focused to address the main translation challenges from characterization of phages through to clinical development.

This is your opportunity to join your peers to strengthen your product development pipelines and forge new collaborations to unlock the full potential of bacteriophage therapeutics.

Join your peers from the likes of Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, the FDA, Astellas, Cytophage, Eligo Bioscience, BARDA, CARB-X, BiomX and more.

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