Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday February 21, 2023

With 2 focused workshops packed with targeted insights surrounding matters of phage therapy, we recommend taking advantage of our group discounts so your team can utilize the full content and networking opportunities available.

7:30 – 1:00 EST - All timings below in EST. For CET, download the full event guide here.

Workshop A

Identifying & Understanding Commercial Opportunity for Phage-Application Beyond Human Health
7:30 - 10:00 AM EST

Join this workshop to dive into the endless possibilities of phage therapy in food industry, aquaculture and animal industry. What’s new? How are phages combating the threat of microbial contamination? Are novel phage therapies capable of taking over the over-usage of antibiotics?

7:30 am Development and application of bacteriophage products to control pathogens in the food industry


  • Important factors for bacteriophage application on food products
  • Various modes of applying bacteriophages on food products
  • Real-life example of successful phage application in industry

8:00 am Taking Usage of Phage Therapy to Tackle Antibacterial Resistance in Aquaculture


  • Investigating phage therapy and bacterial resistance for pathogenic bacteria
  • Understanding phage-antibiotic synergy to upgrade phage efficacy
  • Discussing the interaction between phages and the aquatic host immune system

8:30 am Exploring Advances of Phage Therapy in The Poultry Industry for Successful Regulatory Approval


  • Synergistic phage cocktail development for commercial and regulatory success
  • Effective application of phages for reduction of infection originating from poultry feed
  • Additional benefits of using phage feed additives in poultry farming

9:00 am Discussing Opportunities in the Development of Phage Cocktails for Animal Health


  • Advances in the successful formulation of phage cocktails for animal administration
  • Challenges in making a phage therapy patentable and overview of field validation
  • Overview of optimization and manufacturing proces

9:30 am Group Q&A


Dive into the details of above presented topics with this interactive Q&A

sessions, hearing insights from both speaking experts and peers in the

attending audience

10:00 am End of Workshop A

Workshop B

Articulating the Unending Possibilities of Phage Products, Phage Lysins & Modified Phages to Eradicate the Challenges of Resistance & Formulation
12:00 - 2:30 PM EST

Join this more in-depth discussion to uncover the true potential of phage lysins and genetically modified phages. With the never-ending challenges in phage cocktail formulation, it is of utmost importance to harness the hidden potential of lysins and CRISPR-modified phages to overcome antibiotic- resistance.

12:00 pm Exploring the Development of Phage Lysins for Gram-Positive Bacteria Amidst the Urgency to Solve Antibiotic Resistance


  • Understanding how gram-positive phage lysins overcomes the problem of bacterial resistance
  • Challenges of administrating gram-negative lysins systemically
  • Discussing the breakthrough process of manufacturing phage lysins in spirulina

12:30 pm MEndoB is a Second Generation Endolysin Against Staphylococcal Bloodstream Infections


  • Staphylococcal bloodstream infections and the associated unmet medical need
  • Indication-specific construction and screening principles of endolysins
  • Preclinical data on MEndoB-mediated S. aureus killing with unprecedented efficacy

1:00 pm Unveiling the Process of Transforming Antimicrobial Therapy Through CRISPR-assisted Engineering of Phages


  • Creating supercharged synthetic phages as highly effective weapons in the fight against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections
  • Benefits of engineering natural phages to broaden their host range, minimize resistance and improve efficacy
  • Updates from the world’s first clinical trial of orally dosing SNIPR001; a cocktail of CRISPR-armed phages
  • How to identify optimal phage candidates for downstream engineering?

1:30 pm Patentability of Phage in The United States

  • Michele Wales Chief Legal Officer, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Inc.


  • How can phage isolated from nature be patented?
  • How to protect engineered phage?
  • Is it better to claim phage enzymes vs whole phage genomes?

2:00 pm Phages for Faces: Chemical-Free Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry


  • Understanding of the skin microbiome and its relationship to how beauty and skin health are beginning to show that a one-size-fits-all solution is not optimal
  • Understanding why phages are the most targeted and safest tools available to address challenging bacteria
  • Looking for safer and more friendly solutions to manage cosmetic challenges – the time is right for phage

2:30 pm Group Q&A


Dive into the details of above presented topics with this interactive Q&A sessions, hearing insights from both speaking experts and peers in the attending audience

3:00 pm End of Workshop B