Pre-Conference Non-Human Application Focus Day

9:50 am Chair Person’s Opening Remarks

Understanding how Bacteriophages Are Used Within the Livestock Industry

10:00 am Enhancing Phage Capacities Through A Directed Evolution Platform

10:20 am Exploring Phage-Therapy In the Poultry Industry

10:40 am Using Bacteriophages to Prevent Disease in a Large Scale Agricultural Setting

11:00 am Going Viral Against Bacteria: Implications of Using Phage Therapy in Aquaculture

  • Panos Kalatzis Postdoctoral Scholar/Co-Founder, University of Copenhagan/Aquatic Biologicals

11:20 am Q&A

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Assessing the Use of Bacteriophages Within the Food Industry

1:00 pm Phages for Enhanced Food Safety – An Industry Perspective

1:20 pm Application of Phages in the Food Sector: The Future for Control & Detection of Pathogens?

1:40 pm Systems Learning Approach to Developing Bacteriophage for Usage in Crop Protection

2:00 pm Q&A

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: How Can Our Knowledge of Phage Application Outside of Humans Be Applied to the Human Space

3:15 pm End of Focus Day