Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday February 14, 2022

With 2 focused workshops packed with targeted insights surrounding matters of phage therapy, we recommend taking advantage of our group discounts so your team can utilize the full content and networking opportunities available.

09.00 – 5.30 EST | 6.00 – 2.30 PST - All Timings Below in EST. For PST, download the full event guide here.

Workshop A
Identifying & Understanding Commercial Opportunity for Phage-Application Beyond Human Health


  • Joel Berry Director of Biology, Felix Biotechnology

9:00 am Developing New Ways to Catch & Kill the COVID-19 Virus


  • Stimulating IgM, IgG antibody response via intramuscular administration
  • IgA antibody stimulation through oral route for respiratory pathogens

9:30 am Use of Phages for Pathogen Control in Aquaculture


  • Phage control of Vibrio and Flavobacteria pathogens in aquaculture
  • Phage-defense mechanisms in fish pathogenic bacteria

10:00 am Non-Traditional Uses of Phage & Phage-Based Products

  • Carrie Furr Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bacteriophage & Drug Development Consultants


  • The landscape of phage applications other than human health and core challenges in creating commercial opportunities
  • Case study(ies) and lessons to learn

10:30 am Group Q&A

11:00 am Break & Networking

11:30 am Benefits of Using Bacteriophages in a Large Scale Agricultural Setting


  • Examining or exploring the regulatory process for large Ag products
  • Application of phage in large scale setting: water vs feed

12:00 pm Incentives of Developing Phage Cocktails for Animal Health


  • Motivations to develop a phage cocktails in animal health
  • Process to design a phage cocktail and make it patentable. Field validation. Scale up and optimization in production process

12:30 pm Group Q&A

1:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Workshop B
Harnessing the Potential of Modified Phages & Phage Lysins


  • Greg Merril Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics

2:30 pm Developing Phage Lysins Against Gram- Negative Pathogens


  • Discussing gram-positive lysins vs gram-negative lysins
  • Explaining the mechanism of action and efficacy of gram-negative lysins

3:00 pm How Phage Lysins are Used to Treat Acinetobacter Baumannii Causing Respiratory Infections


  • Lysins, either naturally occurring or engineered, have the potential of being developed into fast-acting, narrowspectrum, biofilm-disrupting antimicrobials that act synergistically with standard of care antibiotics

3:30 pm Group Q&A

4:00 pm Break & Networking

4:30 pm Applying Synthetic Biology to Bacteriophage Cocktails


  • Beyond infectious disease the microbiome offers a powerful tool to manufacture any bacteriophag edelivered biotherapeutics

5:00 pm SASPject Engineered Phage Technology for Controlling Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria


  • Leveraging the use of engineered phages to deliver an antibacterial protein
  • Engineering phages to increase host range and avoid use of phage cocktails

5:30 pm Group Q&A