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Looking to Set Up a Media Partnership?

We work with a variety of organizations and associations that share our interest in this industry. We come together to ensure our community has access to relevant information, news and services, and to spread the word about our event to people we believe it will be beneficial for. If you would like to discuss a media partnership, please get in contact: info@microbiome-movement.com

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Bacteriophage.news is a virtual space that provides general news and research articles related to bacteriophages in a diversity of fields, as well as patient stories using phage therapy.



The Translational Microbiome Research Forum

The Translational Microbiome Research Forum is an online resource for scientists engaged in translational microbiome research to access current, topical information and to provide a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas. We encourage you to participate by actively using the commenting system, by submitting events, and by joining our email list to receive updates when new content is posted.



PHAGE: Therapy, Applications, and Research

PHAGE: Therapy, Applications, and Research is the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to fundamental bacteriophage research and its applications in medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, veterinary applications, animal production, food safety, and food production. Under the distinct leadership of Editor-in-Chief Martha Clokie, PhD, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, the Journal showcases groundbreaking research, reviews, commentaries, opinion pieces, profiles, and perspectives dedicated to defining the roles of phages in all facets of microbiology and microbial ecology and exploring their potential to manipulate bacterial communities and treat infection.


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Phage Directory

Phage Directory connects you to phage experts, services, clinical strains and phages from a global network of labs across 80 countries, to speed up your phage research and development.