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2019 Partners Included

Logo Proteon

Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Expertise Partner

Proteon Pharmaceuticals develops novel biotechnological solutions, using precision biology for microbiome modulation, to eliminate the unnecessary use of antibiotics in animal and human health. Our first products, for poultry and aquaculture, improve food safety, enhance productivity and increase environmentally sustainable livestock production. We have developed a platform, using bioinformatics, genomics, materials engineering and molecular biology, to effectively discover, build and produce phage-based products. We are beginning to develop human applications based on the knowledge we have acquired in bring bacteriophages to the animal health marketplace.

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BIA Separations

Innovation Partner

BIA Separations has 20 years’ experience in chromatographic purification. Our products, CIM monoliths,  were designed with unique operating properties that make them ideally suited to the challenging requirements of purifying biomolecules such as virus particles, vesicles, proteins, RNA's, plasmids and other forms of DNA. We provide products that range from small analytical columns to large industrial prep-scale columns (including cGMP and disposable units) as well as method development services.

Quay Pharma

Quay Pharma

Exhibition Partner

QUAY Pharma is experienced in the formulation development of live biotherapeutics and is one of the few companies licensed for the clinical manufacture of the finished dosage form of live biotherapeutics. Quay has a lot experience in the understanding of the client dosing requirements for the live bio therapeutic. Quay can prepare a formulation development strategy to bring it rapidly and effectively to First in Man (FIM) studies and on to further clinical use aiming to provide a formulation with the best clinical outcome.  Quay is experienced in working with single strains and consortia products from our GMP, MHRA and FDA inspected facilities.



Exhibition Partner

Phagelux is a platform company that utilizes phages, lysins and other biologics and related delivery technologies to create antibacterial products and solutions, particularly targeting antibiotic resistant bacteria strains. Phagelux is headquartered in Shanghai and has a cumulative of four research laboratories worldwide and also manufacturing facilities in both the United States and China. Phagelux has both HumanHealth and AgriHealth divisions (crop sciences, animal health and food safety). The HumanHealth Division has 5 products under development. The AgriHealth division has 9 products already on the market with another 11 under development.



Event Partner

JAFRAL is the world’s only independent Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a primary focus on manufacturing non-GMP and GMP bacteriophages. Our mission is to provide our customers an opportunity to accelerate their research and open up their laboratories for breakthrough discoveries. We support process and analytical development, manufacturing activities, stability studies and regulatory documentation in different application areas: Human therapeutics, Veterinary, Cosmetics and Food industry. Products are of highest quality delivered within agreed timelines.